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Shamanic Plant Journey Class

This is a fun and exciting experience of ceremonial drumming, journeying and guided meditation. It will deepen your connections to an individual plant each month. Experience how physical and spiritual energies of plants effect all levels of our being.
Participants will be shamanically guided:
  • 1st- in a power animal journey to meet our animal guides
  • 2nd- in a guided meditation to the plant of the night
  • 3rd- experience the energetics and properties of the tincture
  • 4th- open to the spiritual teachings and healing energies of the flower essence.
Through ceremonial drumming and guided meditation, we make contact with plant wisdom, for our own personal healing, the healing of our families, communities and this sacred Earth Mother.
This class is amazingly inspirational!
"Every class I have held over the 13-14 years of leading these classes, I've witnessed 99% of the participants bring back specific information about the plant we journeyed to and about their own healing journeys".
This class will truly change your perspectives and show you how the Spirit realm is just waiting to teach you. All we have to do is connect.
If you plan on coming, you must Pre-register! Thank you!
Click here to sign up! ShamanicPlantJourneyClass
All are welcome!
We meet on the second Tuesday of every Month.
No Class in July or August!
6:30-9:30 My office, 34 Prairie St, West Concord, MA 01742

Metro West Boston, 168 Lincoln Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773

"I am still amazed that I felt the melting effects of St John's Wort so powerfully, I can't wait to talk to more plants and actually be able to hear what they are saying back finally."