"My appointment was extremely helpful.  I came not knowing exactly what I needed, but walked away with new tools to guide me.  Thank you, again, for your help.
This class is designed for herbal students, novices and practitioners alike. This training will help you fully understand Lyme disease and co-infections. We are in an all out epidemic of Lyme disease! Every practitioner and Healer, no mater your modality, could greatly benefit from learning this vital information!
This class clears up all the miss-information about Lyme disease.
You will learn how to work with herbal, diet and supplement protocols to help your clients overcome the dreaded symptoms of these emerging diseases.
This information can help your clients live healthy functional lives once again.
We will meet 6 times, for 3 hours each meeting.
You will learn how:
  • To clinically understand Lyme disease and it's many facets.
  • To recognize Lyme and co-infections.
  • To see Lyme, how it works & how it hides.
  • To use Herbs, diet, cleansing and Supplements.
  • To use test, how to read & what tests are the best.
  • To guide your clients to become symptom free.
  • To use and understand specific herbs and supplements.
  • To look for the Psycho-spiritual traumas causing immune suppression.
  • And why medications often don't work.
  • Immune suppression causes is an open door for Lyme.
These classes are both in person and webinar based and will be available for download.
Please pre-register!
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All are welcome!
Dates: Oct. 24, Nov. 7, 28, Dec. 19, Jan, 2, 16.
My office, 168 Lincoln St, Lincoln MA
I look forward to sharing this vital information with you.
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Lyme Disease Training
Hope for a silent epidemic!