"HMI Healing is pure spiritual magic. Clearing the clouds form my psyche has lifted the heaviness from my outlook on life. 
Uncovering the trauma I experienced in a past life, and as child in this life has freed me to see and trust in the opportunity that exists now-in the present moment".
Bear Medicine Holistic Services
Heart Mind Integration Healing
Is an in depth evaluation of our clients physical, emotional and spiritual blocks. HMI Healing walks our clients through a gentle internal healing process of finding, recovering, nurturing, loving and welcoming lost parts of themselves home, into their true essence, into the light of who they truly are.
Tommy offers HMI Healing as a personal evolutionary healing tool for each person to learn and use throughout their lives.
The Promise of HMI Healing:
  • Personal & emotional balance & wellbeing
  • Inner peace & Living our truth
  • Manifesting our deepest desires
  • Being the witness and staying present in all situations
  • Responding rather than reacting
  • Properly perceiving the present moment
  • Living in true intimate connection
The basis of HMI Healing is that our traumas cause parts of our selves to split off of our true consciousness and become stuck in the moment of their experience. These parts then get triggered throughout or lives again and again.
These parts are perceiving through their past hurts and unable to respond appropriately to the moment at hand. As they misperceive reality they react from their old hurt charges and old hurt belief systems, often creating havoc in our lives and our relationships.
HMI Healing helps our parts release the past and move into the present and into the light of who we truly are. We in turn become more present and our triggers are transformed into our highest aspirations. We get to walk into life more and more present, to experience life to its fullest. As we awaken, we begin to manifest our deepest desires into our personal reality.
HMI Healing is powerfully transformative for:
  • Trauma on any and all levels
  • Shifting out of stuckness
  • Clearing Karmic issues
  • Clearing PTSD
  • Learning to live in the present moment
  • Manifesting our deepest desires
  • Conflict resolution
  • Physical and emotional healing
  • Relieving anxiety, depression and all forms of stress
HMI Healing's tools are simple and anyone can use them, once they have learned the foundational understandings of HMI Healing. The guiding process is kind, gentle, honoring and done from the most sacred of intentions. No mater what comes up, the parts are honored for who they are and for how they feel. As our parts are honored and nurtured they become willing to release the past. Once the past is cleared, the parts can come into the light and ultimately merge back into our true self to radiate the light of our true consciousness.
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